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Your Ideas
(for Ages 22-24)

Make a pie! After slicing up apples together, Stand behind your date and place your arms around each side of her (like we did in grade school talent shows) and tell her that she cannot use her hands to finish the pie, but to explain to you what to do. She is the eyes and you are the hands. This tests your compatibility and can be a lot of fun! Take turns being the hands and watch a movie while you're waiting for the pie to bake. -Leigh

Get a pill bottle and a blank prescription sheet. On the sheet, put Dr. (write dance name). Expires: (date of the dance). Then put the guy/girl's name. Fill the bottle with M&M's or another small candy, with your letters of your name on individual candies. Include instructions on the bottle that the letters on the pills should be arranged to spell out the name of the person who is inviting him/her to the dance. - Natalie

Make at least 2 pans of jello or pudding (different colors) and have a jello fight at the park. Wear grubbies that can get stained. It is best if the park's sprinklers are on, then you can wash off there. - Clayton

Get your date and blindfold him/her. Have a pizza and some cold drinks already in the car. Take him/her to a country club and sit right by a pond at night (preferably with a full moon so that it will reflect of the water), then remove the blindfold. Enjoy each other's company and your picnic. - Clay

For our anniversary, I made four sets of note cards on the computer. Each set of note cards had a choice of a morning activity. The next set had a choice of restaurant, the next had movies, and the next had evening activity. I separated them into the categories in little envelopes and let my wife choose an envelope at the time that each was suppose to happen. Whatever she chose, unknowing what the choices were, we did. She now thinks I'm the sweetest person ever. - T.L.

Buy a 12 pack of soda and a cantaloupe. Set the cans up in a triangle and go cantaloupe bowling. - Jeni

I had the most romantic date last night! We sang at a karaoke bar, then went for some food and coffee...while we were there, a friend called to remind me of a meteor shower around 4am. I chose the darkest, highest spot on top of a hill. There was a wispy fog that hovered around 4-5 feet off the ground. The sky was crisp, and brilliant with starlight. We opened the sunroof, reclined our seats, and watched in awe as the streaks of meteors/meteorites dazzled our eyes. I can only say that it was the most perfect date I've ever had. - Douglas

For a sparky twist on kissing, try sharing a bag of pop-rocks candy together and kissing with them in your mouth! instant Zing! - Stephanie

Go the local railroad tracks and put down a bunch of pennies. Spend time talking or drinking hot chocolate while you wait for the train to pass. At the end of the night you will have penny souvenirs to remember the evening by. - Brett

Go to a nearby creek and search for keepsakes (fossils, shells, unique rocks, etc). Afterwards, make an arrangement for framing. - Clint

Pretend you are a barber, and give each other "the works" that good barbers usually offer (scalp massage, shampoo, rinse, dry, etc.) - Mike

Have a picnic on a rooftop patio. Prepare a meal that he/she likes. - Spanky

Take her, if she likes animals, to different places that are selling kittens or puppies that you found previously in the classifieds of your newspaper. It is even better if you are actually planning on getting a puppy or kitten because then you can tell her you want her to help you pick it out. - Ryan

To ask someone out, put a chicken on the person's porch and say "I was to chicken to ask you in person so will you go with me to the ______ dance?" - Marissa

Dress in nice clothing, then have a picnic in the park. Set up a table with candles and two stemmed-glasses. Have a bottle of your favorite beverage and just have a romantic sitting. - Nick

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