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Theme Dates
(for Ages Under 16)

Plan your party around a certain day, month, or year or era. Develop your theme so that games, dancing, and refreshments center around that time.

Hold a dating Olympics. Events: Hula Hoop; Guys do the girls make-up; Jump Rope; Cheer leader tryouts (Guys); Pie eating; Toe painting; Bubble Blowing, Root-beer chug-a-lug.

Have a group of friends make invitations to each ask a guy (or girl) to come to a "Hawaiian event". Have a big luau with the sand, limbo, and cool slushy type drinks. Afterwards, watch a Hawaiian movie like Lilo & Stitch or Blue Crush.

Rent classics or musicals and invite other couples over to watch and sing with you.

Dress up in old-fashioned clothes and go swing dancing at a local big band dance. If you don't know how to swing dance, arrange for lessons beforehand.

Pretend you are running for a government office. Gather facts about current issues and develop your platforms. Then hold a debate (with prepared closing statements), complete with moderator and audience questions.

Go disco bowling. Before you go you have to dress each other up in the weirdest stuff you can find in the house. After go to a cafe and enjoy a quiet talk.

Have an "all comedy day". No bad moods allowed. Tell each other lame jokes or embarrassing or funny childhood memories. Eat funny foods, like cookies that are rainbow colored or foods that are in the shape of a funny face (like sundaes from Friendly's). Then at night, go to a comedy club.

Have a "Mr. America" or a "Miss America" contest. Each couple works as a team to embellish (add decorations) to their contestant. Ask the girls to write an original poem, followed by an interview question. Ask the guys to do push-ups, followed by an interview question. Award points for each category and at the end of the evening find out who is "Mr. America" or "Miss America. "

Experiment with hairstyles of the past and future years. Wash, set, and style each other's hair. If you want, you can go out with your hair all done up and see the reactions!

Invite each person to bring a magic trick to the party. If the tricks are good, great!. If not, people will still have fun.

Have a do-it-yourself party. Let your guests decorate the room with materials you have provided for them. Play the games that are suggested by those at the party. For refreshments, serve banana splits where couples can put their own together.

Rent a Disney movie, bring Disney memorabilia, and make Disney theme snacks. Invite brothers and sisters to participate.

Make music with home-made instruments. Use rubber bands (harp), pop bottles (organ), a water glass xylophone, blocks, pans, etc.. Then record the music you make.

Plan a Carnival party. Make invitations from old magazine pictures and name tags from pop bottle caps. Make games from articles around the house such as jar rings and soda bottles, newspaper, and bean bags (consult game books for other ideas you could use).

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