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Sporting Dates
(for Ages 16-18)

Play sports. Make sure you donít have to sweat a whole lot and can still talk while youíre participating. Volleyball and miniature golf are great alternatives..

Hit the hills on your favorite skateboard and have contests with your friends. Take proper measures for safety, including helmet and pads. If you are or your date is not experienced, even the driveway might be too steep.

Want to play a match of tennis? Embellish (decorate) the outside of a can, enclose two or three tennis balls, add a note that explains time and place-and instruct him/her to bring the balls and a tennis racquet..

Go to a hockey game. Between periods, explain the rules.

Play volleyball with no out of bounds, with unlimited hits, and carrying is OK (but no running with the ball), etc.

Go to the gym on a date and work out, jog around the track, exercise, lift weights, swim, etc. Get together afterwards to make fruit smoothies.

Go clay pigeon shooting, where every pigeon represents an activity (i.e. dinner, movie, ice cream, etc.). If your date hits the pigeon, then you will plan the activity.

Take your date to a play a game of disc golf (Frisbee). Courses are typically free. Discs can be purchased for about $10 each (you can use a Frisbee, but it is doesn't fly as far).

Go to local caves and explore them with someone familiar with their layout. Or better yet, take a guided tour.

Go fishing while floating in inner tubes. Even if you don't catch anything, you can still have fun..

Watch a soccer game, learn the rules, and then organize a game with a group of friends.

Go rappelling. Whether you're a pro or a novice, rappelling is done at your own speed. It is important to go with a qualified guide, because he/she will be sure you are safe at all times. Remember to take sunscreen, appropriate clothes for hiking, and perhaps a lunch.

Play a game of softball, football, or any other group game. Afterwards, hold a celebration party for the victors.

Play a game of three-legged soccer. Couples can only kick the ball with the legs which have been tied together. Use cones to designate goals. If you decide to play with a goalie couple, the guy goalie must be blindfolded (in addition to having legs tied together as a couple).

Play four-on-four basketball. Each team is made up of four couples linked at the hip (interlocking belts). Regular basketball rules apply.

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