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Special Occasions
(for Ages 19-21)

Secretly collect little mementos of a friend. Plan a "This is Your Life" party and surprise your friend.

Dye boiled eggs together and hide them. Invite several other couples over and host an Easter egg hunt.

Dress up as pilgrims and have a pre-Thanksgiving dinner with several other couples.

Go to a parade. Afterwards, go on a picnic. End the day with fireworks. With a little planning, this could be a memorable date.

Set up dinner on a hilltop or on a balcony with a view of the fireworks. Throw a swim party and have a picnic later. Then watch fireworks that evening..

Visit a nursing or retirement home and talk to people about "the old days." Take notes and use the most interesting story to make a booklet from construction paper. On another date present the booklet to the person who told the story.

Read scriptures or poetry around a fire. Bring flashlights.

For lunch, eat egg salad sandwiches. For dessert, eat your Easter candy while reading passages in the Bible.

Go to a church dance.

Hike to a peaceful place and take time to talk about God, Jesus Christ, and your beliefs about why we are here on the earth. This is a wonderful opportunity to let the Holy Ghost speak to your heart and spirit.

Get up early and go to a sunrise Easter service.

Take pictures over an extended period of time and then make a slide show presentation. Or request childhood pictures from your friend's parent, so you can scan those pictures. Add fun captions to make it more meaningful.

Plan a surprise anniversary party for your parents.

Is your friend an athlete? Gather newspaper clippings of his/her accomplishments. Put them in a scrapbook and spend a special evening asking about the sacrifices and work it took reach his/her goals.

Organize a Christmas dinner and dance.

Help decorate for a friend's wedding. Or offer to collect, organize, and deliver the wedding gifts to someone's home. Or decorate the car TASTEFULLY (no pranks). Find a way to make this day special and memorable.

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