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Service Dates
(for Ages 16-18)

Help a charity or nonprofit organization in your community.

Organize a spring clean up in your neighborhood. Find a neighbor who is single and could use some help. Be sure to bring refreshments for the helpers.

Do you know a couple who would like to get out of the house for a while but are tied down with a couple of kids? With your date, give them the chance to get out by babysitting for their children free of cost.

Participate in a Habitat for Humanity project. Work one day building a house in your area.

With your date make a dinner, including salad, main course, rolls, and desert. Take the dinner to a family that could use a extra help (parent in the hospital after surgery or new baby).

Volunteer to help in a home for the mentally ill or aged and infirmed..

Wash and wax your car or your friends' or parents'.

Dress warmly, then anonymously shovel some older person's driveway and sidewalk. Afterwards, build a snowman, then have a snowball fight in your backyard. Finish up with hot chocolate and homemade cookies.

Take a trip to a homeless shelter and help serve food.

Visit the local hospital ward for children. Spend time visiting and singing songs.

Dress in your grubbies and clean up your date's yard or garage. Afterwards bake cookies. This is a good way to get to know your date's family.

Help your younger brothers/sisters with their homework. Take them to the library to help do research on a specific subject. Or teach them some techniques for finding information on the internet.

Visit the local bishop or ministerís house and perform service for his family, such as cooking, cleaning, or working in the yard.

Go to a hospital or volunteer in a school with at risk children and read stories to the children.

Take goody-baskets to aged or infirmed individuals in your neighborhood. Get to know them and ask questions about their experiences. Share with them some interesting stories from your lives. Take time to become a friend.

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