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Seasonal Dates
(for Ages 22-24)

Build snow forts and have a snowball fight.

Play tag in the snow, then serve a hot meal, complete with hot chocolate (chili, sloppy joes, soup, etc.).

Wander around at Christmas time and look at all the lights and displays, then go somewhere for hot chocolate.

Bring your date to a local park (or any place with a grill) during a cold winter day. Bring ingredients to make smores (chocolate bar, graham crackers, marshmallows). Collect sticks to make the fire (you'll also need matches), toast the marshmallows and watch the chocolate freeze in place. Lot of laughs will probably follow.

Around an open fire, tell ghost stories and serve hot drinks (hot chocolate and hot spiced apple cider).

Construct an igloo, then climb inside and drink hot apple cider.

Dress up and answer the door as the children come "trick or treating".

Play whiffle ball during a rain storm.

Play a mud football game after a rainstorm. Change clothes and have some hot chocolate.

Go to a party with a spook alley, games, and a dance.

As a couple, identify a family that is struggling, either financially or emotionally and plan a secret "12 Days of Christmas" event (even when it's not Christmas time). Each evening, drop off something (gifts, food, poems, baskets, etc.) for 12 days straight. Keep your giving a secret!

Find a parking lot with fresh snow and you and your date plow your feet through the snow spelling out your initials and theirs with a plus sign in the middle.

Go ice-skating and take New Year hats and horns. Skate the old year away and the New Year in.

Plant a garden for someone. Find out where they normally buy plants, and how they want the layout of the garden to look.

Go to the local maple sugar farm, have breakfast, sleigh ride through the maples, and sample the taffy.

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