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Playing Dates
(for Ages Under 16)

Run through the sprinklers in your yard or at the park.

Go with your friends to the sand dunes for games of tag and surfing with large cardboard boxes. Play only in areas where motor vehicles are restricted.

Play laser tag.

Play backwards hide-and-go-seek. The person who is "it" hides and everyone else has to find him/her, then they have to hide with the person until the last person finds the whole group. The last person to find the whole group is "it". It is really fun trying to keep 10 or even 3 people quiet when a group is all together and someone else is close to finding them.

Watch pre-recorded episodes of Sesame Street and/or Mr. Rogers and/or Mr. Dress-up and eat Fruit Loops in your PJ's.

Take a big group to the mall and have prewritten scenarios i.e. Fake a breakup, looking for engagement rings, superman rescuing damsel in distress, etc.... Each couple chooses a paper and must do whatever it says to do and must have the other couples witness it. However, the couples cannot let it be known that they are with the couple doing the thing on the paper so they have to act like they don't know them.

Play broom hockey on the ice. Find a frozen pond (MAKE SURE THE ICE IS THICK ENOUGH!). Have everyone bring a broom. Use a tennis ball for "puck". Set up goals on either end. Dress warmly, and take breaks to have hot chocolate.

Get together with several other couples and go to a nearby amusement park.

Have contests (guys against girls) doing things like miniature golf, video games, trivia games, relay races, etc. Spend the whole day doing a variety of different events. The losers (guys or girls) have to make dinner for the winners.

Play "Family Feud". The losing family serves the other a sit down dinner

Have a coloring contest. Let a little brother or sister be the judge.

Play capture the flag in a forested area or large field

Have a competition making the most elaborate cardboard box car. Then "drive" the "cars" into the living room, and watch a movie. It's a DRIVE-IN!

Put on your oldest clothes and head to a nearby mud hole. These mud holes can be found after rainstorms at baseball diamonds, parks, fields, and land that has been previously used for a garden. A long hose will also do the trick. First have a tug-of-war across the mud. Afterwards, have races where each person drags their partner through the mud.

Go to a park together during the day and play on the playground equipment (swing, slide, teeter-totter).

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