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Outdoor Dates
(for Ages 22-24)

If your date appreciates baseball, take a big blanket (and maybe some candles and snacks) and go to a little baseball field at night. Lay in the middle of the diamond and star gaze.

Go for a boat or ferry ride. Many large cities offer boat tours.

Decorate a snow-covered tree in the mountains with berries, nuts, and pieces of fruit. Leave it as a gift for the animals.

Go to a farm that caters to visitors. Go on a hay ride, look at and pet the farm animals, and take a tour of the facilities..

Hike across a nearby bridge. Favorites are the Golden gate in the West, or any of the NYC bridges in the East.

Take your date fishing. Clean and cook the fish you catch. Bring the fixings and recipe you want to try. If this is new to you, you can go to a trout farm that guarantees fish and they will help you clean your catch.

Pick up a kite and sandwiches. Go on a hike to a place where you know there is going to be some wind. Have lunch, then assemble and fly the kite afterward.

Rent a small electric generator from an equipment rental shop. Take the generator, at least 200 feet or longer of electrical extension cords, fire wood, matches, marshmallows, a coat hanger, a few good movies, a small color TV and a VCR to a fire pit approved secluded location. Place the generator as far away as possible, make your campfire and roast your marshmallows, while watching a video.

Have a water balloon fight. Make sure to clean up afterwards.

Organize a project to clean up the city park. Afterwards have a barbeque lunch and play on the playground equipment.

Take your date to the hydroplane races out at the lake or river, followed by a picnic up in the mountains or on the beach. Bring plenty of water and sunscreen. Whoever picks the winning boat gets to name the next date.

Play catch with a glow-in-the-dark Frisbee.

Go on a treasure hunt with 4 wheelers and then when you find the treasure, have a picnic.

Go deer or bird hunting with a camera. You might be safer to choose a time outside of the hunting season.

Invite your dates to an outdoor concert. Rent a concert video and watch it in the back yard (set up a big screen TV or projector).

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