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Outdoor Dates
(for Ages 19-21)

Have a water balloon fight. Make sure to clean up afterwards.

Go to the sand hills or any sandy area and run bare-footed. If you want to see if you are in good shape, climb to the top of a large sand dune. Avoid hiking in areas allowing motorized vehicles.

Rent a small electric generator from an equipment rental shop. Take the generator, at least 200 feet or longer of electrical extension cords, fire wood, matches, marshmallows, a coat hanger, a few good movies, a small color TV and a VCR to a fire pit approved secluded location. Place the generator as far away as possible, make your campfire and roast your marshmallows, while watching a video.

Hike to a natural spring in your area. Enjoy the fresh smells and scenery. Leave behind nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures. Leave things better than you found them (pick up trash so others can enjoy the trail).

Go on a treasure hunt with 4 wheelers and then when you find the treasure, have a picnic.

Take a ride around town on a bicycle built for two. Finish up at a pool for a swim or at a park for a picnic.

Take a gunnysack and go pine-nut hunting. Roast pine nuts over an open fire.

Decorate a snow-covered tree in the mountains with berries, nuts, and pieces of fruit. Leave it as a gift for the animals.

Invite your dates to an outdoor concert. Rent a concert video and watch it in the back yard (set up a big screen TV or projector).

Go horseback riding. Look in the phonebook under horseback riding rental or lessons. If you are experienced, look for a stable that will let you ride without a guide and defined trail.

Using an astronomy book from the library, identify constellations and stars. There are maps on the internet that generate a view of the sky for your location and date and time.

Go panning for gold. Bring along an experienced friend or take lessons. It takes patience and time.

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