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Last Minute Dates
(for Ages Under 16)

Go to the beach and get into a water fight while walking on the water's edge.

Pretend you and your date are engaged and visit a jewelry shop. Fake an argument about the choice of rings (notice the reactions of the salesman and customers). This can be repeated at a number of shops.

Check out the local newspaper's entertainment section for free events.

Take a stroll around the block -- and hold hands as you walk.

Play hide-and-seek in a mall as couples. Each time that you see another couple, write down who they are, and what time you saw them. After the ending time, go out for banana splits.

Go on a clover hunt, and see if you and your date can find a four-leaf clover.

Go out to dinner and a movie (especially a chick flick that she wants to see). Editors note: This is not a good first date (you don't get to talk and get to know each other).

Take your date to a theme park like Disneyland for free (the shoppers pass is good for up to one hour). Most parks allow guests to shop within the park for 45 min. to 1 hour. It's short, but fun. Pick a couple of rides and run.

Go shopping together for a gift for someone like your mother or father. Take your date along with you to the mall and look for the gift together.

Put together a puzzle on a rainy evening.

Go to a toy store and test various the toys.

Obtain a long rope for an evening of jump rope. Try playing follow the leader, tag, contests to test endurance and speed, or some of the old school-day favorites. The faster you go the more fun it will be.

Find a wild berry patch and enjoy picking and eating berries.

While strolling in the city, stop at a hotel and watch television. Sit in the lobby and watch the people.

Check out a croquet set from a games center and play between the lights on campus .

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