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Inexpensive Dates
(for Ages 19-21)

Spend less than one dollar for dinner and movies. Go to the grocery store to sample free food items. Then go back to your house to watch a video. Snacks that you can scrounge from around the house don't count against the dollar.

Go to the mall and give each couple $5 and see who can buy the best item for it.

Go on a picture scavenger hunt with disposable cameras. Make a list on things they have to find and take a picture, then go get it developed at a one-hour service.

Design and construct an outfit from newspaper, construction paper, crepe paper, duct tape, and string. Then have a runway show to model outfits.

Go to a sports memorabilia exposition or trade show.

Take your date (or spouse) to play Blind-Fold Miniature Golf. You only need to purchase one round of miniature golf for two people to play. The first person puts on the blind-fold and takes the club in hand while the seeing partner prepares them to hit the ball. After hitting the ball, the seeing partner carefully leads his/her partner by the hand to the ball for the next attempt. After finishing the hole, the two players switch for the next hole. Itís more fun than the traditional way to play and is half the cost.

Choose a topic of interest to the members of the group that requires some preparation. Ideas: Book review, spiritual discussion, political events, etc. Schedule monthly chats, with the host home to provide refreshments.

Invite everyone to bring a white t-shirt to decorate. Buy some dye, string, and set to work tie-dying the shirts. A different, colorful design might be just the thing to dress up that old shirt.

Rent a bicycle built for two and tour the city. Rental bikes are available at bike stores or at a university's games center for a small fee.

Form a group of inner tubes of all different sizes, from tractor to car . Float down a nearby river.

Host a Dutch Oven Breakfast. Have a cookout on the beach or in the canyon. Get a recipe book from the library or sporting goods store.

Go on a hay ride (the bigger the group, the better). Check with the host before you start a straw fight. Have hot apple cider when you return.

Go to a driving range to practice golf. Many golf ranges offer lessons.

Ride the bus or subway around the city.

Create a list of 20 somewhat obscure words. Then go to the library and have a contest. Twenty minutes to collect books which contain each word (one point if the word is inside, two if on the cover, three if in the title). Winner gets to choose dessert.

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