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Inexpensive Dates
(for Ages Under 16)

Pick up your date and a chaperone and go on a canoe ride on a lazy river or canal. The chaperone's job is to row while you entertain your date and/or eat.

Build stilts and go for a walk in the neighborhood.

Attend a sunrise flag ceremony, enjoy breakfast, and then see a 4th of July parade. Come home to a water football brawl in your own back yard.

Go to the mall and give each couple $5 and see who can buy the best item for it.

Make movies or take pictures together (tie yourself to a railroad track, pose with statues, race wheelchairs in the hospital, etc.).

Buy a short "dimestore" romance novel and take turns reading it aloud to each other. Use your own names in place of the lead characters.

Cheer on a mutual friend. If the two of you have a mutual friend who is playing in a game or a concert at school, attend the performance together to cheer your friend on.

Go on a picture scavenger hunt with disposable cameras. Make a list on things they have to find and take a picture, then go get it developed at a one-hour service.

Host a Dutch Oven Breakfast. Have a cookout on the beach or in the canyon. Get a recipe book from the library or sporting goods store.

Have an ice cream sculpting contest. Each couple gets a block of ice cream, spoons, knives, and toppings. This is a messy activity, but lots of fun.

Go to a sports memorabilia exposition or trade show.

Ride the bus or subway around the city.

Go to a driving range to practice golf. Many golf ranges offer lessons.

Go bird watching at an aviary or woods nearby.

Make tiny parachutes from square pieces of cloth. Tie string from each corner, connect string ends with a little weight, and launch them with a slingshot.

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