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Indoor Dates
(for Ages 22-24)

Go shopping without money or cards. Show your date 5 things you want to get someday, but aren't ready to get right now. Afterwards, go home and make milkshakes.

Pitch a frame tent inside your family room. Turn out the lights, light an electric lantern, then tell stories, play games, and have treats inside.

Build a house of cards with a deck of cards. Afterwards, play a game of fish or hearts.

Do a craft -- modge-podge, fingerpaint, tole painting, etc.

Spend the evening showing your coin or stamp collection. Point out the particularly valuable or interesting items. If you have something more to put in the album, have your date help you mount and record them.

Put together a model car. Depending on how much time you want to spend, you could build a snap together car (quick) or glue one together (requires more time).

Make candles. Wax, molds, and instructions can be purchased at a hobby store. Use the finished products for gifts or for a centerpiece on your dinner table.

Design your own dream house! Start by sketching floor plans and then build miniature furniture and rooms from cardboard boxes. Incorporate way-out ideas like spiral slippery slides from one floor to another.

Have a family sing-a-long. Top off the evening with vanilla ice cream covered with whole strawberries.

Watch Monday Night Football together. Buy some drinks and candy, make popcorn or a vegetable tray with dip. Choose your teams and cheer them on. And to make things even more exciting, make a wager between couples/groups (the losing team has to wash the cars of the winners).

Have a date in the kitchen...bake cupcakes together and have a cupcake icing fight. It will bring you and your date together in a silly but special moment.

Go to a "pick and paint your own pottery" place or take a pottery painting class. Expect to pay about $30-$40.

Spend an evening putting together a puzzle. Put snacks in a bowl for munching.

Make a night of magnetic poetry. You can create funny one-liners or actual poetry for each other.

Play computer games (if you don't have fun games on your computer, there are numerous sites on the internet). The winner gets to designate the next date (to be planned by his/her date).

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