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Indoor Dates
(for Ages Under 16)

Spend the evening showing your coin or stamp collection. Point out the particularly valuable or interesting items. If you have something more to put in the album, have your date help you mount and record them.

Have a relay ping pong tournament. Form two lines on opposite ends of the table, run to the back of the opposite line after hitting the ball. If you miss, you are out. The last two players get to play to 7. Then start again.

Build a house of cards with a deck of cards. Afterwards, play a game of fish or hearts.

Visit someone in your neighborhood who isn't able to get out (elderly, handicapped, sick, etc.). Bring a treat and offer simply to visit, read, or listen, talk about current events, etc.

Create clay or play-dough figures and allow them to harden. Then give your creations to each other! And don't forget to take pictures.

Rent a truck or moving van and have a party inside.

Create your own "Thank You" cards to send to servicemen.

Make homemade bread. Knead the dough together, then relax with a good book or watch a video while the dough rises, and while the bread is baking. Let the bread cool just enough, then enjoy hot bread with butter and jam or honey.

Watch a dramatic TV show with the sound off.

Spend an evening putting together a puzzle. Put snacks in a bowl for munching.

Have a family sing-a-long. Top off the evening with vanilla ice cream covered with whole strawberries.

Explain the rules and finer aspects of playing pool. After playing a couple of games, agree on a wager, then let your date win.

Go to the grocery store and buy different types of dry pasta. Go back to the house and make model cars out of the noodles (use pinwheel pasta for the wheels).

Cut pictures from old magazines and Christmas cards and put them in a book made of folded construction paper. Arrange them so they tell a story, complete with captions.

Play computer games (if you don't have fun games on your computer, there are numerous sites on the internet). The winner gets to designate the next date (to be planned by his/her date).

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