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Ideas for Asking
(for Ages 40-49)

For a special occasion, try a treasure hunt--complete with clues hidden in the apartment building, around campus, or inside his/her apartment

Write your invitation in a foreign language. Give your potential date the invitation and the foreign language dictionary (or web address) for translation.

If you want to make a lasting impression, use an aerial letter banner; everyone who sees it will remember...especially that special someone.

Go out to his/her car while he/she is in class or at work and fill the car with balloons. Include a note or a posterboard, asking him/her out.

Send a lift pass and a coupon for a cup of steamy hot chocolate. Then head for the ski slopes.

The guy that asked me to a dance is really athletic, and especially loves soccer. He had a game that night, and before a game, the team asks girls to wear their soccer jerseys, and he asked me to wear his. That night I wore his jersey to the game, and I watched him play. At the end of his game, he walked across the soccer field with a huge bouquet of my favorite flowers, and a t-shirt that he made that said " ----, will you go to the ------ with me?" And on the back, it said," Please say yes!"

Try having a date announced on a local radio station (sometimes local disc jockeys are endowed with a good sense of humor and will help out free of charge). Then send an anonymous note asking him/her to listen to that station at the time the announcement is to be made.

Send a formal invitation. Include a reply card for him/her to send back saying whether or not he/she can go. Make sure there is enough time before the event for the reply card to be returned (the formal invitation can be made using the computer).

Serenade your potential date.

If you're good with words, try altering the stanzas in a well-known song or poem to fit the occasion. Print them on a colored sheet of paper and have it delivered.

Make a simple web site and ask him/her out personally (get a web page from a free service). You may want to add some nifty graphics like hearts. If they don't have the internet, have them go to the Library.

Compose a unique card for a holiday or anniversary activity. As an example, January 8 launches National Goat Week. Or make up your own holiday and plan an event.

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