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Ideas for Asking
(for Ages 25-29)

Compose a unique card for a holiday or anniversary activity. As an example, January 8 launches National Goat Week. Or make up your own holiday and plan an event.

Get some eggs and hard boil them, one for every letter of your name. After they are done, let them cool in the fridge over night. The next day use a white crayon and put one letter of your name on each egg.. Put some candy in the basket, and a note that says something like, "I'm dyeing to go to the dance with find out who this, is dye the eggs and put the name together."

Send a formal invitation. Include a reply card for him/her to send back saying whether or not he/she can go. Make sure there is enough time before the event for the reply card to be returned (the formal invitation can be made using the computer).

Try having a date announced on a local radio station (sometimes local disc jockeys are endowed with a good sense of humor and will help out free of charge). Then send an anonymous note asking him/her to listen to that station at the time the announcement is to be made.

Make a fortune cookie from a recipe online with a fortune that says something like "___, will you go to the dance with me?" Take them out for Chinese and ask the waiter to present it to your date at the end of dinner.

Send a lift pass and a coupon for a cup of steamy hot chocolate. Then head for the ski slopes.

Buy some tickets for a concert or ball game. Simply mail your date a ticket explaining that someone (the holder of the accompanying ticket) will pick him/her up the night of the event at a certain time. For confirmation, ask for a sign ("Tie a yellow ribbon around your mailbox, if yes. Otherwise, leave the ticket in an envelope if you can't go and I'll pick it up tomorrow").

Make a simple web site and ask him/her out personally (get a web page from a free service). You may want to add some nifty graphics like hearts. If they don't have the internet, have them go to the Library.

Buy a package of yellow post-it notes. Write on every single one of them "Will you go to homecoming with me?" and put them all over his/her car while he/she is at work, with a poster on the windshield that says: "I had a question so I decided to post-it."

If you want to make a lasting impression, use an aerial letter banner; everyone who sees it will remember...especially that special someone.

Send a message attached to a Brillo pad--and offer to do his/her dinner dishes in exchange for a date.

On a blank T-shirt, write with permanent marker, write on a plain shirt, "Out of all the names on this tee will you go to_________with me?" Write different names all over the shirt with washable marker, then write your name with permanent marker. Give instructions to wash the shirt to find out who is asking (your name will be the only one left).

Buy a bag of Hershey kisses and take out all the little papers that say kisses, replacing them with little papers that state things you liked about him/her. You can number them, creating a message when put together in order (invitation or a poem).

Talk to one of your local movie theatres and see if they are willing to put some slides in the pre-movie advertising. Give them the message you want it to say (asking or answering). Take the person you are trying to ask to the movie and watch their reaction as they get asked out on the big screen.

If you're good with words, try altering the stanzas in a well-known song or poem to fit the occasion. Print them on a colored sheet of paper and have it delivered.

Fill the room with blue balloons only, and leave a poster that says, "If you want to go to ________, send me a blue balloon, if not, send me the yellow balloon." Make sure you don't leave any yellow balloons!

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