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Ideas for Asking
(for Ages 19-21)

Get a bunch of your friends that have a boyfriend or girlfriend and plan an day at the amusement park. Then go up to the girl or guy and say "A bunch of us are going to _________. I was wondering if you wanted to go with us (or me)." There's smaller chance of those awkward silences because there are a bunch of friends. NOTE: This works the best if the person you're asking out knows everyone. Also make sure everyone that goes is coupled (that way you can be together and there are no single friends to mess up your chances).

Give a recording to you potential date with a note that says "Your mission should you decide to take it, is to find the coded message. This message will destruct after you have listened to it." Copy a ton of boring songs onto the tape and in the middle of it somewhere, ask him/her out. Make sure he/she has to listen to a lot of music before finding your message.

If you have a cooperative teacher, ask him/her to do a class activity. Find out about your potential date and make a list of questions. The teacher should have all the students stand up at the beginning of the game The questions should narrow out the askee: i.e. Sit down if you are a guy; remain standing if you were born in the summer; sit down if you have a dog; etc. until the only person still standing would be your potential date. The teacher would then give this person an envelope with your invitation.

To ask someone out, buy two different colored balloons and write yes on the first, and no on the second (or yes and yes if you must date him/her). Set them by the door with a note telling him/her you want to go on a date, and if he/she would like to go please hang out the yes balloon.

Get a small pool and put it in the guys front yards with real fish in it. One some sort of paper write...OUT OF ALL THE FISH IN THE SEA, GO TO _________ WITH ME!

Deliver 20 live goldfish in a fishbowl with a sign that says "will you go to homecoming with me?" and a small poem that says "count the fish, if you can and they will tell you who's your man." Include a list of names, including yours, with numbers next to each name (your name is next to the number 20).

Make a small poster with plans for a date and hang it on the outside of his/her window late at night (or ask a roommate or family member to hang it on the bathroom mirror).

Get an old clock that runs on batteries and has an alarm. Attach a note saying something like "If you have the time, would you like to go out with me?" Then set the alarm for about a minute later than the time you will drop it off and leave it on their porch or by their window at night.

Laminate a message that says, "I know this is cheesy, but will you go to ____ with me? Have a pizza delivery set up for a cheese pizza, and ask them to attach your message to the inside of the pizza box.

Write your invitation in a foreign language. Give your potential date the invitation and the foreign language dictionary (or web address) for translation.

Hang a giant banner all the way across her street that reads: "Will you go to homecoming with me?"

Send a telegram. You can either send the real thing or make your own--and have it delivered by a friend. Better yet, convince a few of your friends to don crazy outfits, and work up a "singing telegram" to be performed on the front steps.

Fill the room with blue balloons only, and leave a poster that says, "If you want to go to ________, send me a blue balloon, if not, send me the yellow balloon." Make sure you don't leave any yellow balloons!

Open a package of RITZ crackers, on the crackers in marker write a message, one word per cracker, asking for a "ritzy date".

Take your date to a restaurant and prearrange for the waiters to come out and sing their Happy Birthday song with new lyrics asking him/her to prom.

Compile different types of candy bars and put them together with words to ask the person. i.e. Would a BIG HUNK SNICKER if I were to ask such a SMARTEE to the dance with me, a BUTTERFINGER?

Send the following note: Genesis 2:18 reminds us that" It is not good that a man should be alone...." "Would you join me for next week's dance?"

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