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Ideas for Asking
(for Ages 16-18)

Go to your potential date's house with a friend. Have a friend duct tape you to a tree or bush outside your potential date's house with a sign that says "Baby I'm stuck on you". This is a sure fire way of getting that great first date!

Get a bunch of cardboard boxes from a local grocery store and build a castle on the lawn. Attach a flag saying "Princess --------" Inside, leave a note asking "Her royal highness" out on a date. Be sure to tell her who the Prince Charming is.

Find a song [it would be better if you like it, or see if one of your favorite songs has the words in it. It would be better if it had a romantic/love theme/vibe.] That has these words in it: will you go out with me (a ? Is optional]. Type the lyrics out and put the song name and artist and your name/info on the bottom also. Then take a piece of red/pink construction paper. Put it on top of he lyrics and hold it up to light and mark where to cut around so you can see the words. After cutting the construction paper, place it over the lyrics and read it [If the words are random put numbers signaling which one to read first, etc. Then staple the top left corner and place in an envelope. Give it to him/her in anyway you like!

Get a bag of skittles. On one side of the Skittles write a message: "Will you go to the dance?" On the other side put numbers so that when the numbers are in order the message is spelled. Put all the Skittles in a jar with instructions on how to arrange the Skittles. They then have to sort all the Skittles to find the ones with letters.

Leave a box of chocolates on their doorstep with a note: "Will you go out with me? If yes, eat all of the chocolates and give me the box. If no, leave the chocolates in a bag on the doorknob and keep the box.

Flatten a lot of pop cans or boxes and write a sign that says: " I was flattered that you asked me...YES!"

Get a bottle of Skippy peanut butter and then a little sign that says: "Come skip with me to _____ (name of dance).

Write your invitation in a foreign language. Give your potential date the invitation and the foreign language dictionary (or web address) for translation.

If you want to ask someone, just put a baby pool filled with water in their front yard. Then put pennies at the bottom of it and some rubber duckies floating in it. Then have a posterboard saying " I would be a LUCKY DUCK if you went to _________ with me."

A fun way to ask someone to a dance is to set up a scavenger hunt. Put one ingredient to a cookie recipe at each clue. At the end, he/she comes back with all of the ingredients and you make cookies together.

Take glow in the dark stars and spell out "Will you go to ______ with me?" (followed with a heart and your name).

Talk to one of your local movie theatres and see if they are willing to put some slides in the pre-movie advertising. Give them the message you want it to say (asking or answering). Take the person you are trying to ask to the movie and watch their reaction as they get asked out on the big screen.

Get a big rock and a little rock. Write "yes" on the small rock and "no" on the big rock. Make sure the big rock weighs too much to carry alone. Attach a note saying "You would ROCK my world if you would go to the dance with me. Please return the appropriate response."

To ask someone to a dance, laminate the message "I'd melt if you would go with me to the dance" and then freeze it in a block of ice. Tell them to melt whatever you gave them, so when it's all melted, they will see your message.

Get a pumpkin. Laminate the message and put in the middle of the pumpkin guts. The person has to clean the pumpkin out and carve a smile for "yes" and a frown for "no".

Get a box of Honeycomb cereal, on the outside write "Honey Comb your hair and lets go Dance'n" Then on the inside have your name cut up in pieces and let them figure it out.

Leave a tub of melted butter in the askees first class with no note (they will be confused). In their second class, leave a bag of popped popcorn and a note saying "I wanted to butter you up before I popped the question. Will you be my date to .... , Love __"

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