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Ideas for Asking
(for Ages Under 16)

While at school, have a friend deliver a treasure map leading from his/her classroom to yours (the hardest path possible, with "X" marking where you are and a time to meet you). Wear a sign or a t-shirt with a big "X" on. Just ask him/her out or give him/her a bottle with gold chocolate coins with a note asking for a date.

Make a cake, and then with Alpha-bits Cereal, spell out "Will you go out with me?".

Give a recording to you potential date with a note that says "Your mission should you decide to take it, is to find the coded message. This message will destruct after you have listened to it." Copy a ton of boring songs onto the tape and in the middle of it somewhere, ask him/her out. Make sure he/she has to listen to a lot of music before finding your message.

Cut out circles of construction paper and purchase Hershey kisses. Leave the circles and kisses on the floor of the bedroom, car, or office of your intended date with a note that says, "Now that I've SPOTTED you and KISSED the ground you walk on, will you go with me to ___?"

Buy some tickets for a concert or ball game. Simply mail your date a ticket explaining that someone (the holder of the accompanying ticket) will pick him/her up the night of the event at a certain time. For confirmation, ask for a sign ("Tie a yellow ribbon around your mailbox, if yes. Otherwise, leave the ticket in an envelope if you can't go and I'll pick it up tomorrow").

Take glow in the dark stars and spell out "Will you go to ______ with me?" (followed with a heart and your name).

Get a bunch of balloons and place parts of a message in several of the balloons. Blow up all the balloons and leave a note that says "Pop Us". The recipient can put the words together to find out about the date.

Get a bunch of your friends that have a boyfriend or girlfriend and plan an day at the amusement park. Then go up to the girl or guy and say "A bunch of us are going to _________. I was wondering if you wanted to go with us (or me)." There's smaller chance of those awkward silences because there are a bunch of friends. NOTE: This works the best if the person you're asking out knows everyone. Also make sure everyone that goes is coupled (that way you can be together and there are no single friends to mess up your chances).

Get a raisin and put it into water until it fills out. Take it out of the water and cut a hole in it. Then put your message or whatever your doing inside and let it dry out again. Put it with a bunch of other raisins and make him/her find the message. Attack a note to the box of raisins that says "The raisin I have sent this box will be found inside."

To ask someone to a dance: Make a home-made snowglobe with pieces of paper that float around and that say "how bout sadie?" on them. Make sure there are lots with those words.

Compose a unique card for a holiday or anniversary activity. As an example, January 8 launches National Goat Week. Or make up your own holiday and plan an event.

Get a big rock and a little rock. Write "yes" on the small rock and "no" on the big rock. Make sure the big rock weighs too much to carry alone. Attach a note saying "You would ROCK my world if you would go to the dance with me. Please return the appropriate response."

Make a nose out of clay and say "nobody 'nose' how bad I want you to 'pick' me for prom". and then fill the nostrils with peanut butter or some other gross sticky substance and put your invitation in one of the nostrils.

Flatten a lot of pop cans or boxes and write a sign that says: " I was flattered that you asked me...YES!"

How to ask a girl to a dance: Put a large bag of flour on her doorstep with this paper: The Recipe for Homecoming 1. First add a pinch of excitement. 2. Mix in some happiness. 3. Sprinkle in a group of smiles. 4. Throw in a bundle of fun. 5. Add a drop of thrills and suspense. 6. Lastly, sift through the flour to find out who is asking you. Do not put your name in the flour. Instead, an hour later drop off a flower with your name in it and a sign that says Whoops! Wrong Flower!

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