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Ideas for Answering
(for Ages 19-21)

Bake chocolate chip cookies in the shape of the words "YES". It's fun, yummy, and a great way to let him/her know you want to go!

To answer... send a pizza to their house and make sure the pizza place puts pepperonis on top that say "yes" (make sure you pay for it).

Measure the insides of a door frame and get some scrap wood and make another frame. Then, Saran Wrap the frame, and somewhere in the Saran Wrap, put a paper that says, "I'm bouncing off the walls, excited to go to _______ with you.

Make a dinner. Decorate a placemat that has your answer/invite in tiny print on the back. Make sure that it is a dinner of Macaroni and Cheese or something like that that people might think the answer could be hidden in. Ring doorbell and run!

Have a roommate or family member tie a note, complete with ribbon, to his/her toothbrush.

Go to a Thrift shop and buy a HUGE pair of briefs. Write on it "I'll be brief...YES!".

Go to the person's house. Knock on the door and when they open it, say YES! And don't forget to smile.

Buy a bag of Hershey's Hugs. Take out one or more of the papers that says hugs on it and substitute it with a strip or strips of paper with your message on it.

Buy an ad in the campus or local newspaper . Afterwards, have the ad framed as a memento.

Fill a balloon with whipped cream, put your laminated message in the whipped cream.

Laminate two pieces of paper with the sayings, "The answer you await lies within; don't be chicken...DIG IN!!" On the other put "I'd be 'gutless' to say no." Have your favorite butcher take out the guts of a chicken and put the first message inside, and the second on top, covered with plastic wrap.

Decorate you date's room in pink balloons and pink crepe paper. put pink confetti on their floor, and put a note on his/her bed that says: "I'll be tickled pink to go with you to the dance." Put your name in one of the balloons, so he/she has to pop them to see who it is.

In a box, put some hay and a few rose buds. Include a note saying: "HAY, let's go to the dance, just as BUDS".

This is a quick easy way to answer someone to a dance. Get a bunch of grass (after you mow your lawn or something) and place it somewhere in a bucket or on their car and write YOU BET YOUR GRASS I'LL GO WITH YOU TO THE DANCE!

Get a pile of sand and mix in swedish fish and sea shells. Place the mixture in an open box on his/her front porch and in the sand etch the word "SHORE!"

Freeze your message using a cake pan or even a small bucket. Laminate it or wrap it tightly in tin foil and a ziplock bag.

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