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Ideas for Answering
(for Ages 16-18)

Invite him/her to go on a treasure hunt by contacting different people. Include your friends. As an example, he/she may be asked to sing a song, or do a dance to get the next clue. The final destination could be a large cookie with the answer "YES".

Get some small gardening plants and leave him/her with a message that say's "I'd wet my plants to go with you."

This is a quick easy way to answer someone to a dance. Get a bunch of grass (after you mow your lawn or something) and place it somewhere in a bucket or on their car and write YOU BET YOUR GRASS I'LL GO WITH YOU TO THE DANCE!

Rent a billboard for a day and drive him/her past it. OR If you are short on money, get the local school to put your message on their marquee.

Get a small toy dump truck and put a package of hamburger buns in the back that says I'd love to have you haul my buns to the ________.

Get a large bag of sunflower seeds break open one of the seeds put a yes/no in it and glue the seed back together. Then give him/her the whole bag.

Crush some Oreo's so they look like dirt. Make paper flowers with straws for stems. You can either put your message in one of the straws, in the "dirt", or on one of the flowers.

Bake chocolate chip cookies in the shape of the words "YES". It's fun, yummy, and a great way to let him/her know you want to go!

Have a friend dress up in wacky clothes. That friend then plays some hip-hop music playing and starts break-dancing on a pre-placed piece of cardboard. When he gets done, he holds up the cardboard with your message.

Get a pile of sand and mix in swedish fish and sea shells. Place the mixture in an open box on his/her front porch and in the sand etch the word "SHORE!"

Buy a box of Macaroni noodles. Type up your invite/answer on a small piece of paper, and then place it in one of the noodles. Be sure that it cannot be seen by just looking at it.

Get a giant bag of fortune cookies. In only one cookie, insert your message.

Buy a bag of Hershey's Hugs. Take out one or more of the papers that says hugs on it and substitute it with a strip or strips of paper with your message on it.

Get 1,001 Smarties and put them in a bowl with a note that said if there were an odd number of Smarties I would love to go...if there were an even number, I would love to go but I was busy!

Get a heart shaped cake mold and laminate a piece of paper. Then put it in the heart and fill it with water then freeze it and leave it somewhere he will find it and he will have to wait for it to melt. Once it does, the note will read "Now that you have melted my heart, I will you go to ________ with you (make sure he sees' it right away so he has to wait for it).

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