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Ideas for Answering
(for Ages Under 16)

Put a message in a plastic Easter egg and hide Easter eggs all over their yard.

Send the person a Morse Code decoding sheet anonymously in the mail. Tell her to watch out her window at 9:00 or so. Dress up in camouflage and, using a flashlight, send him/her your message.

Blow up a balloon, write a message on it carefully with a ballpoint pen or marker, and deflate it again. Send it in an envelope. He/she will have to blow up the balloon and read the message.

Make a dinner. Decorate a placemat that has your answer/invite in tiny print on the back. Make sure that it is a dinner of Macaroni and Cheese or something like that that people might think the answer could be hidden in. Ring doorbell and run!

Get a giant bag of fortune cookies. In only one cookie, insert your message.

This is a quick easy way to answer someone to a dance. Get a bunch of grass (after you mow your lawn or something) and place it somewhere in a bucket or on their car and write YOU BET YOUR GRASS I'LL GO WITH YOU TO THE DANCE!

Fill a balloon with whipped cream, put your laminated message in the whipped cream.

Get a large bag of sunflower seeds break open one of the seeds put a yes/no in it and glue the seed back together. Then give him/her the whole bag.

Measure the insides of a door frame and get some scrap wood and make another frame. Then, Saran Wrap the frame, and somewhere in the Saran Wrap, put a paper that says, "I'm bouncing off the walls, excited to go to _______ with you.

Get a box and on top you write "I decided that when pigs fly, I'd go with you to ______ (open the box)". When he/she opens the box, pink balloons with pig faces fly out (helium balloons). On the bottom write "so I went and found some!"

Have a friend dress up in wacky clothes. That friend then plays some hip-hop music playing and starts break-dancing on a pre-placed piece of cardboard. When he gets done, he holds up the cardboard with your message.

Get a small toy dump truck and put a package of hamburger buns in the back that says I'd love to have you haul my buns to the ________.

Starting at the front door of her house, make a trail of Hershey's Kisses that leads to a shower. Hang roses from the shower head w/ a note that says - "Now that I've kissed the ground you walk on and showered you with roses, I will you go w/ you to _________!"

Buy a bag of Hershey's Hugs. Take out one or more of the papers that says hugs on it and substitute it with a strip or strips of paper with your message on it.

If you have a BIG field or lawn, and a way to get him/her above it, mow a message into the lawn.

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