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Group Dates
(for Ages 25-29)

Go to a campground or picnic area where you can have an open fire. Barbeque hot dogs or chicken over an open fire. Finish the evening with an address from an inspirational or motivational speaker (either a live speaker or play a recording).

Go to a local thrift store and buy the largest pair of pajamas or jogging clothes you can find. One pair for each person. Then go home, put them on over your regular clothes and stuff them with pillows, blankets, etc. and have a sumo wrestling match.

Go on a photo scavenger hunt. This is an excellent group date! Make up a list of pictures required for the scavenger hunt in the mall, i.e. pose with a mannequin, with a security guard, with a celebrity (like a movie poster), at a fountain, reading magazines, etc. Both people must be in each shot, so this requires asking many strangers to take your picture! After all the pictures are taken and everyone meets at the designated spot, take your film to a one-hour photo place. Eat dinner in the food court while they're developing, then pick up your pictures and laugh at them over dessert!

Invite a bunch a friends over. Ask each couple or person to bring something to the party, like popcorn, candy, drinks, and a favorite scary movie (if they have one). It doesn't matter if you don't watch all the movies that night. Just be sure to take some breaks between movies so that people can meet with each other. Pass out pillows and blankets, so the guys can hide from the scary parts.

Have a photo scavenger hunt, or see who can be the most creative with one roll of film. Find out who can get the most interesting shot of the same subject. Ask a member of your group who doesn’t know the plan to write down about 10 random objects or ideas. Then take pictures of the items on the list. (Cameras that make instant prints, like Polaroid cameras, or digital cameras are best).

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