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Group Dates
(for Ages 19-21)

Lay household products on a table (soap, hair spray, cereal, etc.) with each product identified by a number. Put corresponding numbers in a hat. Each couple draws a number, and has 30 minutes to develop an advertisement for their product (commercial, jingle, skit, or any combination). After 30 minutes, each couple makes a presentation. Then vote on the product you'd be most tempted to buy based upon the advertisement.

Invite several couples to bring slides of a place to which they've traveled. Let each person tell about his/her special place and have refreshments with an international flavor.

Eat dinner with your left hand tied to that of the person on the left, and your right to the person on the right.

Have a Progressive dinner. The idea is to go from house to house for each phase of the dinner. At one house you have appetizers, at another the salad, at another the main dish, and so on. You might stop at four to six houses for the full meal.

Have a Sundae party. Buy several different flavors of ice cream, some toppings (hot fudge, sprinkles, etc.) and let people make their own sundaes.

Create a local Road Rally (two couples per car). Start each car two minutes apart. The group making the best time on the course is the winner for the night's contest. At the end of the rally, get together for ice cream sundaes.

Go to a football game. Dress up in team colors, with painted faces and signs. Remember, it's the attitude that counts. If you are with a group, award prizes for the most bizarre and the most clever outfits, signs, etc.

Go on a photo scavenger hunt. This is an excellent group date! Make up a list of pictures required for the scavenger hunt in the mall, i.e. pose with a mannequin, with a security guard, with a celebrity (like a movie poster), at a fountain, reading magazines, etc. Both people must be in each shot, so this requires asking many strangers to take your picture! After all the pictures are taken and everyone meets at the designated spot, take your film to a one-hour photo place. Eat dinner in the food court while they're developing, then pick up your pictures and laugh at them over dessert!

Play name that tune with older songs. Split the group up into two teams, and take turns as the two contestants. Alternate who gets to guess first by teams for each round. "I can name that tune in _____ notes" (pick a number). Whoever bids the lowest number each round gets to listen to that number of notes. If he/she correctly identifies the song OR the group, his/her team gets a point. Otherwise, the point goes to the other team.

You and your date find a large box, preferably tall and thin (but wide enough for you both. Get some spray paint or whatever decorations you'll need, and make it into a car. Have all the couples "park" in someone's living room with their date to watch a movie, or some people do it in their back yard during the summer time if the TV is big enough for everyone to see and can be put in front of the door. Set up the kitchen/dining room as the snack bar for popcorn, candy, and soda.

Make sure to tell your date to dress in grungy-type clothes. Set up a 2 tarps outside and cover each with slimy type things like dish soap, peanut butter, butter (be creative). Then play football with the tarps as the end zones. Do boys against girls, which makes it more fun.

Go to the boat dock and rent a boat or ship for a private party. Go out on the water for dinner and dancing.

Have a tailgating party, without the game. Have a competition between cars for the best outfits, food, music, etc.

Send the girls out for fast-food ($6-$8 per couple) at several different restaurants while the guys make numbered placemats for dinner (assign numbers after the girls leave). The returning girls place dinners on different numbered placemats on the table(s). guys then sit at their placemat for dinner with their date with a dinner someone else most likely purchased. Then for dessert, serve ice cream and toppings.

Organize a team competition Olympic Games. Play volleyball, kickball, football, keep-away. Run relays, and have tournaments, Make medals for the participants on the winning team.

Have a photo scavenger hunt, or see who can be the most creative with one roll of film. Find out who can get the most interesting shot of the same subject. Ask a member of your group who doesn’t know the plan to write down about 10 random objects or ideas. Then take pictures of the items on the list. (Cameras that make instant prints, like Polaroid cameras, or digital cameras are best).

Make a video with childhood photos and home movie clips of everyone in a group. Then let everyone try to figure out who's who.

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