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Group Dates
(for Ages Under 16)

Have a fashion show, modeling your parent's clothes from when they were in high school.

On a hot day in the summer, pair into teams with your date. Make sure you wear old clothes because they might get stained. You'll need a box of soft ice cream for each team and your favorite toppings and syrups. Ready, set, GO! FOOD FIGHT! Whoever's team gets the messiest loses.

Make a movie with a group of people or split up and make info-mercials. Then watch them all together.

Organize a team competition Olympic Games. Play volleyball, kickball, football, keep-away. Run relays, and have tournaments, Make medals for the participants on the winning team.

Make sure to tell your date to dress in grungy-type clothes. Set up a 2 tarps outside and cover each with slimy type things like dish soap, peanut butter, butter (be creative). Then play football with the tarps as the end zones. Do boys against girls, which makes it more fun.

As a group, embellish (enhance/improve) calendars with pictures from magazines, newspapers, photos, or your own drawings. Write in birthdays and other important events. Swap calendars at the conclusion of the evening.

Make a video with childhood photos and home movie clips of everyone in a group. Then let everyone try to figure out who's who.

With a group of girls (or guys), get together and decide who would mix well on group date. Send an invitation around to everyone being asked on the date (have all the girls in the group sign the note). Have the guys R.S.V.P. back as soon as possible, notifying someone in the group whether or not they would like to go. The night of the dance or group date, line the guys up and let them choose a shirt from a pile of shirts on a table. After all the guys have chosen a shirt, their date then reveals whose shirt it was they picked. For even more fun get together before the dance, and decorate shirts for you and your date.

Play name that tune with older songs. Split the group up into two teams, and take turns as the two contestants. Alternate who gets to guess first by teams for each round. "I can name that tune in _____ notes" (pick a number). Whoever bids the lowest number each round gets to listen to that number of notes. If he/she correctly identifies the song OR the group, his/her team gets a point. Otherwise, the point goes to the other team.

Invite several couples to bring slides of a place to which they've traveled. Let each person tell about his/her special place and have refreshments with an international flavor.

Give each couple in the group a toothpick. The object of the game is to go and find something bigger and better in place of the toothpick. At first it is easy. After all, an old shoe is a lot bigger and better than a toothpick! However, the old shoe will be tougher to top than the little toothpick. The trading goes on until your designated time runs out. Then all the couples need to return to where they started to see who has the biggest and best thing.

Give each person a paper and a pencil. Have each person start a story. After two minutes, have everyone pass their paper to the right. Give everyone 30 seconds to skim the story, then have them continue the story. Continue passing and writing until each person has written on each story. Then take turns reading the creations.

Have a Sundae party. Buy several different flavors of ice cream, some toppings (hot fudge, sprinkles, etc.) and let people make their own sundaes.

You and your date find a large box, preferably tall and thin (but wide enough for you both. Get some spray paint or whatever decorations you'll need, and make it into a car. Have all the couples "park" in someone's living room with their date to watch a movie, or some people do it in their back yard during the summer time if the TV is big enough for everyone to see and can be put in front of the door. Set up the kitchen/dining room as the snack bar for popcorn, candy, and soda.

Invite a bunch a friends over. Ask each couple or person to bring something to the party, like popcorn, candy, drinks, and a favorite scary movie (if they have one). It doesn't matter if you don't watch all the movies that night. Just be sure to take some breaks between movies so that people can meet with each other. Pass out pillows and blankets, so the guys can hide from the scary parts.

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