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Girls Choice Dates
(for Ages 16-18)

Offer to take an instant picture of strangers on the street and give them the picture. If you have a digital camera and printer, you can create a memory photo album for your date. Be creative; pose your subjects with statues, or a unique object.

Bake cakes and decorate them with frosting, sprinkles, candies, etc. while blindfolded. The couple whose cake looks best wins a certificate. Deliver the cakes to less privileged individuals in your area.

Put together an aquarium. Go to pet shop purchase fish and necessary equipment. Then design and build a new home for the fish.

Volunteer to help the youth leaders in your church with a children's activity.

Invite your date over for "dinner". Offer to cook a meal he has never tried. Together, make a list of ingredients, purchase them, then make dinner together.

Plan a "Dear John" (a letter written by a woman to her boyfriend to inform him that their relationship is over, usually due to the woman finding another man) and "Dear Marsha" letter exchange with your date. Make them as ridiculous as you want, but don't read the other's letter until both are finished.

Host a dinner in the back of a U-Haul Trailer.

Buy a large block of ice, take it to a park with a large hill. Sit on the ice, and slide down the hill (put a towel on top of the ice to keep your seat relatively dry and to insulate from the cold).

Attend church together. Discuss the sermon afterwards, while having dinner with your family.

Invite your date to go out Saturday evening. Surprise him by taking him to a sporting event (buy tickets in advance).

Get a remote control car and run it into the door of your dates house. Write a note on the car (I wrote it on a piece of duct tape and stuck it to the car) telling your date to follow it. The cars destination is a "roses are red" poem on the street. The hardest part about this is finding a hiding place that you can still control the car from. But believe me the look on their face is worth the effort!

Find unusual rocks and come home to paint them. You could put small eyes on pebbles and make a rock band.

After a formal dance, arrange to have some friends meet you in a cornfield with a candlelight dinner - all ready and waiting to be served.

Invite your date over to pull taffy. It's sticky, so make sure and wear your grubbies.

Go to a library and look up some books on astronomy. Learn the names of the constellations and where they can be found in the sky. Then go to an open grassy area with a blanket and try to find these constellations and other known planets.

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