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Games and Activities
(for Ages 30-39)

Make pictures with dried flowers to give away to special friends.

List your date's best qualities in alphabetical order (one quality for each letter of the alphabet).

A good get-acquainted game for a group is to list the name of guest and something you have in common with that guest. And each common trait can only be used once (i.e. same major, same birth month, brother named Dave, etc.). Whoever has the most names/unique traits in common wins a small prize.

Have the group form a circle with their hands out showing all their fingers. This is a count down game. The point is to say something that you have done, and if others haven't done it, they have to put down a finger. Someone says something about him/herself that is different from those around him/her and the others who don't have that in common or haven't done what that person has done puts a finger down. Whoever has any fingers left out wins (decide on a prize before playing). This game can last for a long time and is very enjoyable when wanting to know the real side of people.

Play a quiz game like Trivial Pursuit or Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

Play water balloon volleyball using a sheet to catch and throw. Each team member must hold the sheet. The scoring is the same as in regular volleyball.

Ask everyone to bring a wrapped white elephant gift (something of little value that you might sell at a yard sale). Play a game of bingo. Play until 5 players to get a "Bingo". As a person calls "Bingo", he can choose a gift either from the unclaimed gifts, or from someone who already selected a gift, who then must choose another gift not yet claimed. Then play another game with 5 more winners (only one gift per person). Play until each person has a gift.

The names of famous people are written on slips of paper and pinned on each person's back. Each person must figure out the name on his/her back by asking only yes or no questions to the remaining participants.

Have a party where each person writes down something that represents happiness to him/her. Draw the ideas from a hat. After each idea is read, everyone tries to guess whose idea it is.

Divide a group into teams of 4-7 persons. Ask the teams to invent something that could make life easier, complete with details, diagrams, cost to manufacture, how to market, etc. Start with a 10 minute brainstorming exercise to identify things that are annoying or time consuming.

Everyone at the party secretly writes on a piece of paper a sentence or title of two outstanding experiences they have had (funniest, most embarrassing, happiest, etc.). The host draws a slip of paper and reads one of the experiences to the group. Pick three people to come up and finish the story, including the person who had the experience. After the stories have been told, the rest of the group tries to decide who is telling the truth.

Organize guests in a circle. Couples share an experience from their life. Each person then creates that story in 15 minutes by cutting out pictures, headlines, and articles. You could then switch partners and repeat the activity. Or simply display the stories for everyone to browse throughout the evening.

Weave baskets.

Ask each guest to bring an old hat, and bring extras just in case. Sit everyone in a circle, wearing their hats. As the music starts, each person removes his hat from his head and places it on the lap of his neighbor, who moves the hat to the lap of the next person, who picks it up and places it on his own head. The hats keep going around and around until the music stops. Whoever ends up without a hat when the music stops is out of the game. One hat is removed and the game continues.

Here's a party starter. The host or hostess finds out two or three things about each guest in advance. They could be such things as: A beautiful girl with blonde hair, A guy from Toledo. He likes Spanish foods. Give each guest a list. They must then obtain the signature of the person who matches the description (the two or three items).

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