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Games and Activities
(for Ages 25-29)

Have a party where each person writes down something that represents happiness to him/her. Draw the ideas from a hat. After each idea is read, everyone tries to guess whose idea it is.

Each couple works as a team. After picking a subject for the evening, such as movies, songs, etc., the couples space themselves throughout the room. One member of each team goes up and looks at the title or word and returns to his partner and begins drawing pictures as clues. The couple who comes up with a right answer first wins one point. The opposite person in each couple then goes to the front to look at the subject he is to draw, and the game continues.

Ask everyone to bring a wrapped white elephant gift (something of little value that you might sell at a yard sale). Play a game of bingo. Play until 5 players to get a "Bingo". As a person calls "Bingo", he can choose a gift either from the unclaimed gifts, or from someone who already selected a gift, who then must choose another gift not yet claimed. Then play another game with 5 more winners (only one gift per person). Play until each person has a gift.

Have someone leave the room. The group selects a verb. Have the person try to guess the verb by asking questions about that verb, replacing the verb in the question with the word "pickle". He might ask "Is it fun to pickle?" "Yes." "Can I pickle right here?" "No." Individuals can only answer "Yes" or "No". Establish a time limit or limit the number of questions.

The names of famous people are written on slips of paper and pinned on each person's back. Each person must figure out the name on his/her back by asking only yes or no questions to the remaining participants.

See how small a circle your group can squish into. Keep making the circle smaller and think of ways to get in a smaller area, such as making pyramids, sitting on laps, etc. Or use a small square of plywood and see how many can fit on a one foot square.

List your date's best qualities in alphabetical order (one quality for each letter of the alphabet).

One person leaves the room, while the others decide on an adverb (a word describing another, such as "quickly" or "enthusiastically"). The person then comes back in and requests that any number of the people participate in a baseball game, or drive a car, or go to school in this way. The person tries to guess the adverb.

Everyone (more than 5 people) stands in a circle. Take the hand of somebody who is not next to you. Then take another hand of somebody different who is not next to you. Untangle the knot without releasing hands, until everyone is standing side by side. You may end up with more than one circle, depending on how many participants.

Start by telling a story similar to this: The earth will blow up in one hour and I own a spaceship that can carry everyone to the moon, but I am very picky. I will only allow certain people to come. I also have all the provisions we need, but to pay for the trip, you must bring two items. The secret to this game is that the two items they bring must have the same initials as their own name. If your name is Brad Jackman, you might say " I am bringing Balloons and Jell-O. Can I join you?" Most people catch on quickly. But you might have to give examples of equipment you would accept from a specific individual.

Here's a party starter. The host or hostess finds out two or three things about each guest in advance. They could be such things as: A beautiful girl with blonde hair, A guy from Toledo. He likes Spanish foods. Give each guest a list. They must then obtain the signature of the person who matches the description (the two or three items).

Make pictures with dried flowers to give away to special friends.

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