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Games and Activities
(for Ages 19-21)

Ask everyone to bring a wrapped white elephant gift (something of little value that you might sell at a yard sale). Play a game of bingo. Play until 5 players to get a "Bingo". As a person calls "Bingo", he can choose a gift either from the unclaimed gifts, or from someone who already selected a gift, who then must choose another gift not yet claimed. Then play another game with 5 more winners (only one gift per person). Play until each person has a gift.

Ask each guest to bring an old hat, and bring extras just in case. Sit everyone in a circle, wearing their hats. As the music starts, each person removes his hat from his head and places it on the lap of his neighbor, who moves the hat to the lap of the next person, who picks it up and places it on his own head. The hats keep going around and around until the music stops. Whoever ends up without a hat when the music stops is out of the game. One hat is removed and the game continues.

One person leaves the room, while the others decide on an adverb (a word describing another, such as "quickly" or "enthusiastically"). The person then comes back in and requests that any number of the people participate in a baseball game, or drive a car, or go to school in this way. The person tries to guess the adverb.

Everyone at the party secretly writes on a piece of paper a sentence or title of two outstanding experiences they have had (funniest, most embarrassing, happiest, etc.). The host draws a slip of paper and reads one of the experiences to the group. Pick three people to come up and finish the story, including the person who had the experience. After the stories have been told, the rest of the group tries to decide who is telling the truth.

Each individual decides on an inconspicuous sign, such as brushing one's hair, rubbing one's nose, winking or such. Select a person to sit in the center of the group with eyes closed for thirty seconds. Next, silently select someone to pass his/her sign (IT). To pass a sign, IT looks at someone in the group, does his/her sign and the sign of the person receiving the sign, who becomes the new IT. This continues until the person in the middle catches a signal being passed (or IT). If correct, the person who got caught sending the signal must sit in the middle.

A good get-acquainted game for a group is to list the name of guest and something you have in common with that guest. And each common trait can only be used once (i.e. same major, same birth month, brother named Dave, etc.). Whoever has the most names/unique traits in common wins a small prize.

Everyone (more than 5 people) stands in a circle. Take the hand of somebody who is not next to you. Then take another hand of somebody different who is not next to you. Untangle the knot without releasing hands, until everyone is standing side by side. You may end up with more than one circle, depending on how many participants.

Have a grape catching competition. The first event is timed to see who catch toss and catch the most grapes in their mouths in 15 seconds. Next, similar to a balloon toss, see who can catch a grape in their mouth tossed from the greatest distance. Start near each other, then increase the distance after each successful toss/catch.

Have an egg toss.

Ask each of the guys in the group remove his shoe and sock on one foot, insert a pen between two of his toes and draw a portrait of his date. You might ask the girls to then do the same.

Have a party where each person writes down something that represents happiness to him/her. Draw the ideas from a hat. After each idea is read, everyone tries to guess whose idea it is.

Give each person 7 clothes pins. On "go" each person must clip his/her clothes pins on someone else's clothes (7 different people). The game continues for about 5 minutes. On STOP, the winner is the one with the fewest pins attached to his/her clothes.

Have your date come over and each write 10 fun ideas to do in the city where you live (fairly close activities), which you can videotape. An example would be to trip on the library stairs in front of people. Take turns doing the things you have written down. Record the funny scenes, then watch while you have root-beer floats.

Here's a party starter. The host or hostess finds out two or three things about each guest in advance. They could be such things as: A beautiful girl with blonde hair, A guy from Toledo. He likes Spanish foods. Give each guest a list. They must then obtain the signature of the person who matches the description (the two or three items).

Each person sits in a circle with a napkin and one large marshmallow. The first person puts the marshmallow in his mouth BUT DOES NOT CHEW OR SWALLOW IT and says "Chubby Bunny!" This continues with the rest of the people in the circle. Then repeat with a second marshmallow, then a third, and so on. You are out if: you chew, you swallow, you spit, or you cannot say "Chubby bunny!".

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