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Games and Activities
(for Ages Under 16)

The group sits in a circle around the outside of the room. One person is selected as the kitty. The kitty then crawls around on hands and knees, brushing up against arms or legs, or laying his/her head on laps, purring all the time. The person receiving the kitty's attention then pats the person on the head and says: "Nice kitty". When the kitty succeeds in getting someone to laugh, that person becomes the kitty.

Each individual decides on an inconspicuous sign, such as brushing one's hair, rubbing one's nose, winking or such. Select a person to sit in the center of the group with eyes closed for thirty seconds. Next, silently select someone to pass his/her sign (IT). To pass a sign, IT looks at someone in the group, does his/her sign and the sign of the person receiving the sign, who becomes the new IT. This continues until the person in the middle catches a signal being passed (or IT). If correct, the person who got caught sending the signal must sit in the middle.

Divide a group into teams of 4-7 persons. Ask the teams to invent something that could make life easier, complete with details, diagrams, cost to manufacture, how to market, etc. Start with a 10 minute brainstorming exercise to identify things that are annoying or time consuming.

Have someone leave the room. The group selects a verb. Have the person try to guess the verb by asking questions about that verb, replacing the verb in the question with the word "pickle". He might ask "Is it fun to pickle?" "Yes." "Can I pickle right here?" "No." Individuals can only answer "Yes" or "No". Establish a time limit or limit the number of questions.

Find a small object that will be easy to hide. Everybody playing should have a turn to hide the object somewhere in the room where everybody is sitting down. While the object is being hidden, someone has to leave the room until they hear the words "OOOLAH BOOOLAH" being sung (choose a tune that everyone likes). The singing means that it is time for the person to come in the room and start looking for the object. The closer the person is to the object, the louder everyone should sing. Thus, the further away the person from the object, the quieter everyone should sing. As soon as the person finds the object and everybody is singing OOOLAH BOOOLAH as loud as they can, it's somebody else's turn.

Form a large circle. Two players are selected to be "Rick" and "Rachel". Blindfold one and give the second person a bell. The blindfolded person calls out for "Rick" or "Rachel", who must make an animal call. The blindfolded player must tag the other player (who cannot leave the circle). Once tagged, he/she becomes the blindfolded player, and the former pursuer selects a new "Rick" or "Rachel".

One person is asked to leave the room. With the person out, the others in the group agree on a pattern for imitating another person. For example, each person imitates the person two places to their left, or the person with the same color eyes to their right. When the "Psychiatrist" returns, he/she may ask anyone questions. Each person answers questions assuming they are the person being imitated. If one of the "Crazy group" yells "Psychiatrist", all players must run around and switch places, so that each person is now imitating a different person.

Go to a local place where they make trophies and get a plaque that says "World's Best Girlfriend" (or Boyfriend or Friend or Golfer, etc.)

The guys (or girls) lie on the floor face up each with a cone in their mouths. Their partner must hold a scoop of ice cream at shoulder level. The person on the floor tries to direct the scoop into the position where he/she thinks the ice cream will drop into the cone. Then have all the scoops dropped at once. Then trade places and repeat.

Ask each guest to bring an old hat, and bring extras just in case. Sit everyone in a circle, wearing their hats. As the music starts, each person removes his hat from his head and places it on the lap of his neighbor, who moves the hat to the lap of the next person, who picks it up and places it on his own head. The hats keep going around and around until the music stops. Whoever ends up without a hat when the music stops is out of the game. One hat is removed and the game continues.

Have a snow sculpture contest.

Play the skittle game: Buy a bag of skittles. Everyone sits in a circle and take turns rolling the dice. Whatever number the dice lands on is how many skittles that person has to put into his/her mouth. No chewing of swallowing. The dice goes around the circle and skittles keep going into the mouths until someone has to chew, swallow or spit out the skittles.

The names of famous people are written on slips of paper and pinned on each person's back. Each person must figure out the name on his/her back by asking only yes or no questions to the remaining participants.

Use a Frisbee to knock down 2 liter plastic soda bottles set up like bowling pins. Score the game same as bowling. You might need a bit of water to weigh the bottles down.

Have a bubble-blowing contest. You can use bubble gum or a bubble blowing bottle.

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