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Free Dates
(for Ages Under 16)

Make a couple of pans of brownies. Then drive to various friends' houses and deliver a small plate of brownies to each friend and visit for a while. When it becomes too late to be visiting people, go home and finish off the brownies.

Go to the children's section of a library or bookstore and read children's books to each other.

Find a muddy area, dress in your grubbies and have a mud fight. For groups, take along a rope for a tug-of-war. You might bring towels or sheets to put on the car seats for the ride back home.

Go to the park and feed the birds. Take a bag of bread. Share childhood memories.

Go roller skating. You can rent skates at a roller rink, or if you could go in-line skating in a local park. You might find used skates at a thrift shop or used sporting goods store.

Locate a large piece of cardboard. This can be found at a nearby furniture or appliance store. Curve the end up like a toboggan. Find a sloping hill of dry grass and slide down. Wear older clothes (grass stains can ruin nice clothes).

Go to a free concert in mall, school, church, or civic center. Check your local paper's entertainment section.

Just sit in a busy bus or train station, airport, or park, and watch people. Occasionally say "hi" and be sure to wave. You will get responses.

Take your date to visit the police station. Make arrangements in advance, requesting a tour.

Make boats out of ordinary paper, using glue or tape to help keep your creations together (one boat per person). Name them, decorate them, and finally set them out to sea! Simply fill up the bathtub, put in some blue food coloring (if you want), and let your ships float free. Start shooting spit-wads through a straw at each other's boats until they sink. The last boat afloat wins!

Catch frogs. Then have a frog-jumping contest. Award prizes for the largest frog and the longest jump.

Attend church functions together. Dances, discussion groups, and church meetings really help couples grow closer to each other.

Ask for help with your homework, delivering a note worded in the vocabulary unique to that subject (it might make sense to make sure he/she knows the subject).

Play hopscotch in a vacant parking lot or an empty school campus. Later return home for a bubble gum blowing contest.

Become "outlaws" for an evening with your date. Gather crayons, magic markers, and drawing equipment to make "Wanted Posters." For ideas check out a book from the library with pictures of some wanted posters.

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