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First Dates
(for Ages Under 16)

Make home-made ice cream. Experiment with a new flavor. If your freezer is hand operated you can take turns twirling the crank.

Ride a tram at one of the ski areas or at a scenic falls. If a hiking trail is available, take a walk. Otherwise enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Make houses out of cookies, candy, cardboard and frosting, or decorate gingerbread men. Have everyone bring bags of candy for decorations to share. Working in pairs: have each couple bake and decorate their house.

Visit a flea market or garage sales. Have a contest to see who can get the most unusual item for $1.

Exercise together (jogging, yoga, tai-bo, aerobics class, weight lifting, etc.).

Set up plastic pop bottles on the fence and have a contest to knock off the bottles with a super soaker gun. Be prepared for a water fight, which is inevitable.

Attend a gymnastics meet (a unique sports event which is interesting to watch).

Have an old-fashioned taffy pull. Each couple colors, flavors and twists their own batch of taffy.

Give each couple an object like a pencil. Couples go door-to-door trying to exchange the item for something bigger and better. At the first door the pencil might be traded for a pen, then for a stapler, and so on until the time limit has expired. Give prizes to the couple with the most unusual, the biggest, and the best.

Help someone move to a new home.

Start a collection such as butterflies, coins, stamps, rocks, etc. You could use the collection to fill a class requirement or just as an excuse to get together.

Participate in a Church or community service project. Look in the local paper for opportunities.

Make a bet with your friend. Make sure you choose something that you can't possibly win. Bet him/her a night on the town. Then when you lose, you can take him/her out.

Type a paper together--with the guy typing with his left hand and the girl typing with her right hand (or vice-versa).

Invite several guys to have dinner at a hosts' home. Their dates (the girls) should be in grubbies waiting at the host home for the guys to arrive. Ask the guys if they are hungry and seat them at the table. Bring out the spaghetti and salad, etc. and dump the food on a plastic tablecloth in the middle of the table. Then reach over and bring servings into your area and start eating (no plates allowed). They will get over the initial shock. This is a great ice breaker.

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