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Educational Dates
(for Ages 40-49)

Take a tour of an archeological site. Bring water and sunscreen.

Invite someone to speak on how to look for and find a job. Career counseling, job search, and resume development classes are often available at your local library, church, and civic groups.

Visit a museum or historical site. Take a self-guided tours, if available.

Tell your grandparents that you want to come visit with them. Bring a small recorder, some blank discs or tapes, and a list of questions to ask your grandparents. Be sure to ask your grandparents if it is OK to record their comments. Try to ask them interesting questions about their youth, where they grew up, how they met each other, what they did on their first date, and what there best memory is with each other. Enjoy ice cream together afterwards.

Study a gospel topic with a group. Select a book or chapter from a book of scripture. Have a host prepare a brief message and act as a moderator for discussion. Prepare refreshments for the end.

Learn a new skill (change a flat tire, jump start a battery, check tire pressures, etc.)

Develop a list of 30 questions: odd and unusual facts you would like to know about each other. Fill them out and read them to each other. Take time to explain your favorites.

Visit your local municipality offices to find locations of unusual sites seldom visited (attractions that are off the beaten track). Spend the afternoon sightseeing.

Spend a Sunday attending church with a denomination other than your own. You will learn to understand people just a little bit better, and you will probably appreciate your own faith more.

Learn more about the area you live in by visiting local sites such as a mining town, a historical landmark, or even a state fair. Many areas have bureaus of information and museums. Gain an appreciation of the past as well as the present in your own backyard.

Attend a session of the State Senate or House of Representatives. Afterwards you could take a tour of the capitol building and grounds.

Take a tour of a local factory. Call ahead for an appointment.

Plan a date around a book checked out from the library (i.e. astronomy, origami, french cooking, etc.).

Teach each other a new skill or craft. You will find out how well they relate to your skills and following your directions.

Invite someone who is qualified to teach you a lesson in first aid. Or sign-up for a class offered within your community.

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