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Double Dates
(for Ages 25-29)

Each couple buys a disposable camera and then in groups of two couples you go on a scavenger hunt. You have someone make up a list for what you need to find. Give everyone a time limit and go find your items on the list. The reason for two couples is so you and your date can be in the picture and have the other couple take the picture of you. At the end of the time limit, take your camera to a nearby one-hour photo lab and get them developed. Or display digital photos on the computer. Then have the person who made the list check out each couple's pictures and see who won the game.

Go to a scary movie, and make fondue afterwards.

Try playing tennis at night with a fluorescent painted ball and a fluorescent string taped along the top of the net.

Find a hill with enough snow for tubing. Dress warmly, and pack extra dry clothes, just in case. Afterwards, make a fire and serve hot chocolate and chili.

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