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Double Dates
(for Ages 19-21)

Wash and wax a parent's car (or offer to provide some other needed service, like cleaning out the garage, weeding the garden, or wash windows). Then have ice cream cones on the porch or patio.

For a double date, each couple gets 10 dollars. Then you go to the dollar store and you have to buy and make something for the other couple. You can make whatever you want. Be creative.

Transport a sofa on a truck to a drive-in movie and set it out on the pavement. You can add a coffee table and end tables for ambiance. Order popcorn, pop, and candy from the snack bar (or bring it from home). If you don't have a drive-in movie theater nearby, you can set-up a big screen TV or a digital projector and wall screen (or sheet) in the back yard

For a double date, set up a table with really nice china. Create a menu with several choices. If you are serving something like macaroni and cheese, create options like macaroni and cheese, cheese with noodles, cheesy pasta, etc. (different names for the same item). Then escort the girls to the table and serve them the food. Iíve had this done to me and done it to others and it works great every time!

Spend an afternoon making a scavenger hunt for another couple you know (maybe one that just got together or is having an anniversary). Using a camera and cheap props, take your pictures together at a series of local landmarks or other recognizable places, then give the photos to the other couple to challenge them to find all the places, within a time limit. While they're on the search, make lunch or dinner and have it set up at the final landmark, to share with them or just surprise them.

As couples, place 10 items from a store into your shopping cart, then meet at a pre-designed spot. Trade shopping carts, and see who can put back all of the other cart's contents in the right places in the shortest amount of time. For an added twist, write down the product on the same shelf to the immediate right. Losers get to buy ice cream.

Wear old clothes that can get ruined. Collect spoiled tomatoes or peaches (negotiate at the local fruit stand). Find a vacant field, and have a food fight.

Have a contest with another couple to see who can build the biggest and best snowman. Afterwards, have hot chocolate or spiced cider in front of a warm fireplace.

Drive a 4-wheel drive vehicle to a mountain location. Cook a meal over an open fire. Pack your firewood and water, as well as cooler for things that need to stay cold.

Go to the mall. As couples, tie a single hand together. Each couple then creates a portrait of a stranger with crayons on a drawing pad (the subject decides the winner). The first couple to five wins. The losing couple has to pay for the others ice cream.

Take a midnight hike and use flashlights to find your way. You might go to a waterfall or to a scenic spot. If you are away from the city, and the sky is clear, you can do some star gazing. Be prepared with water and snacks for the hike, and a first-aid kit, just in case.

Go to a formal dance. Afterwards, change into some casual clothes, and go bowling.

Try playing tennis at night with a fluorescent painted ball and a fluorescent string taped along the top of the net.

Kidnap your dates real early in the morning and go to breakfast. Prearrange with a family member or roommate for your date to wear pajamas to bed. If that doesn't work, give your date 2 minutes to put on pajamas or sweats (no make-up or showers allowed).

Go to a thrift store with a camera and have a competion with your date or another couple on who can find the ugliest, craziest, hippest, etc. outfit (and take pictures).

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