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Double Dates
(for Ages 16-18)

Go to the mall. As couples, tie a single hand together. Each couple then creates a portrait of a stranger with crayons on a drawing pad (the subject decides the winner). The first couple to five wins. The losing couple has to pay for the others ice cream.

Ask your dates to dress up really nice. However, pick them up dressed in casual clothes. Go to a fast food restaurant, then to a bowling alley for a couple games and maybe some pool (you'll learn whether your date is flexible).

Take a hunter's safety course at a local shooting range.

Spend an afternoon making a scavenger hunt for another couple you know (maybe one that just got together or is having an anniversary). Using a camera and cheap props, take your pictures together at a series of local landmarks or other recognizable places, then give the photos to the other couple to challenge them to find all the places, within a time limit. While they're on the search, make lunch or dinner and have it set up at the final landmark, to share with them or just surprise them.

Kidnap your dates real early in the morning and go to breakfast. Prearrange with a family member or roommate for your date to wear pajamas to bed. If that doesn't work, give your date 2 minutes to put on pajamas or sweats (no make-up or showers allowed).

Go to a formal dance. Afterwards, change into some casual clothes, and go bowling.

Try playing tennis at night with a fluorescent painted ball and a fluorescent string taped along the top of the net.

For a double date, set up a table with really nice china. Create a menu with several choices. If you are serving something like macaroni and cheese, create options like macaroni and cheese, cheese with noodles, cheesy pasta, etc. (different names for the same item). Then escort the girls to the table and serve them the food. Iíve had this done to me and done it to others and it works great every time!

Go to a thrift store with a camera and have a competion with your date or another couple on who can find the ugliest, craziest, hippest, etc. outfit (and take pictures).

Get together with another couple or two and go on an ecology hike. As resources, get a Boy Scout fieldbook or conservation manual and visit a preserve or wetland or another outdoor setting. The group can participate in damming washes, planting grass or trees, or a clean-up project.

Make homemade ice cream and then have sundaes. If you don't have access to an ice cream making machine, here's a twist. Use ziplock bags. Here's a recipe that works. Take 2 cups heavy whipping cream, 1/2 cup sugar, and 1 teaspoon vanilla extract and put it in a quart-sized ziplock bag. Then seal that bag in another quart-sized ziplock bag. Put that double-sealed bag into a gallon-sized ziplock bag, and add 1 cup of rock salt and fill that bag 2/3 full with ice (crushed, if possible). Wrap that sealed bag in newspaper (several layers) and tape it up. The newspaper protects and insulates your creation. Shake the mixture for 15 minutes (you can carefully toss the bags back and forth to each other), then it is ready to serve.. If you can wait, put the mixture in the freezer for 2 hours to allow the ice cream to become more firm.

Many have never traveled by train. Plan an activity in a nearby town using the train as your transportation. Maybe you could even ask someone to take you on a tour through the different cars.

Drive a 4-wheel drive vehicle to a mountain location. Cook a meal over an open fire. Pack your firewood and water, as well as cooler for things that need to stay cold.

Go to a scary movie, and make fondue afterwards.

Each couple buys a disposable camera and then in groups of two couples you go on a scavenger hunt. You have someone make up a list for what you need to find. Give everyone a time limit and go find your items on the list. The reason for two couples is so you and your date can be in the picture and have the other couple take the picture of you. At the end of the time limit, take your camera to a nearby one-hour photo lab and get them developed. Or display digital photos on the computer. Then have the person who made the list check out each couple's pictures and see who won the game.

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