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Dinner Dates
(for Ages 22-24)

Make a gourmet lobster dinner. Take your date to the grocery store and pick out a lobster tail. Then take it home and broil or barbecue it (go to or and search for recipes - time to cook is highly dependent on the size of the tail). Add the trimmings, put on some good music, and add candles.

Have a progressive dinner. Start at the first girl/guy's house and eat appetizers, then drive to the next house for soup, then salad, then main course, and finally, dessert. Optional: Include clues which must be solved to determine which house to go to next, similar to a road rally (have an emergency phone number available for those who don't find the destination).

Send formal invitations to a murder mystery dinner. Pre-assign each person a character to portray. After dinner, play a game of Clue as couples. Prizes go to the winning couple, with a consolation prize to the dying character.

Have a mystery dinner with a twist. Give each person a slip of paper with an action. For example, when person A sips his/her drink, person B has to call out a designated phrase, or when person C wipes his/her mouth, person D must vigorously scratch his/her nose. You can also set up a chain reaction. When one person does something, another has to do his/her assignment, which in turn triggers another person's assignment and so on. After dinner, pass out a list of assigned actions to all participants and see who can guess who and what triggered each action. Give a prize to the person with the most points (1/2 point for each "who" and 1/2 point for each "what").

Order a pizza, salad, and drinks and have your dinner delivered to a park gazebo. Set up a portable card table and DVD player. Bring good dinnerware, plates, and glasses (you can use paper and plastic, if you prefer).

Set up a table in the parking lot or in the back of a pick-up truck or in a motor home at a local fast food restaurant. Decorate the table with a fancy tablecloth and candles, then have a friend take your order, and deliver your food.

Prepare a mini-dinner (rice, mini sausages, peas, mini cookies), served on small plates with tiny spoons. You can drink out of the half-sized pop cans.

All guys meet at a designated location (none of the girls are at this location). When the guys arrive, have a note delivered instructing them to listen to a prerecorded message and then send them on a scavenger hunt to find their dates. Meet them in a public location (our meeting place was the post office) for a picnic dinner.

At the door, pass out unusual kitchen utensils (ask guest to pick a utensil that could be used to describe one of their personality traits). At the table, ask each person to describe how their utensil relates to a personal trait, then serve dinner. Each guest should attempt to eat dinner with their unique utensil, along with a table knife provided at each plate. After 5 or 10 minutes, pass out proper utensils to all guests.

Make a scavenger hunt. The idea is to make of list of things that need to be gathered, and return with those items to a designated place. Have them end up where you are waiting with a nice candlelight dinner. One of the items to gather can be matches, which you can use to light the candles. This is more fun, if it includes several couples, working as teams.

Are you going to a fun restaurant with a group of friends (to include that special someone)? Drop in earlier that day and give the waiter a card. He can bring it with the dinner and present it to an unsuspecting someone that you want to impress.

Take your date to a fast food restaurant. Set the table at a pre-arranged time with some nice table settings and battery-powered candles (have a friend or employee set it up). Order your food, sit down, and enjoy a "candle-light" dinner in a fast food restaurant.

Go on a double date with your parents. Select an inexpensive restaurant and offer to pay.

Take your date to a pond away from the city lights. Row out to where you previously stored dinner in air tight containers, set up a blanket, and have a picnic in the rowboat.

Make a meal together, and the feed each another.

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