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Couples Only
(for Ages 30-39)

Take a long drive in the mountains or along the coast on a sunny day. Plan to stop where you can watch a colorful sunset from a majestic lookout. Bring a basket of goodies and a blanket so you can enjoy the experience.

Go to your local Party Store and rent a helium tank good for around 75 balloons. Buy around 8 dozen or more packages of balloons. Go home and blow them up in the bedroom. Donít forget to leave at least 2-3 dozen (without helium) for the floor and bed. Add some candles and some fresh flowers for the room. Then get your favorite board game and set it up on the bed.

Deliver a single long-stemmed rose or a bouquet of flowers you picked yourself with a personalized card.

Rent a classic love story video and watch it while cuddling. Don't forget popcorn, candy, and beverages.

Spend a day visiting all of the old places you've visited in the beginning as a couple and take photographs. Talk about all of the old memories.

Go sightseeing or touring a city. Visit a museum or art gallery, go shopping and enjoy lunch or dinner at one of the city's popular restaurants. Perhaps you can take a walking tour of the downtown sites. Ask the chamber of commerce or visitor's bureau for things to do and places of interest.

Have a Pajama party for just the two of you, watch movies, eat popcorn and play board games! It's a lot of fun!

Go snorkeling on a sunny day. Find a cove where the water is calmer. Be sure to apply sunscreen before you go out. Take a picnic with you, and remember to bring plenty of water to rehydrate.

Go to the State or local fair. Get your portrait done by a local artist or cartoonist. Try to win a prize at the arcade. Share a treat from the food court. Bring a blanket to watch a musical performance.

Sketch your dream-house floor plan and talk about the possibilities for each room. You could visit model homes or open-houses together for ideas.

Go bowling with your date. Compete against each other. The better bowler has to win by a certain number of pins, which you negotiate up front. Winner gets a back massage.

Take a class together. Check out the local community center, recreation center, library, or college for a one-day class on painting, photography, sailing, dancing, etc. Stop at a restaurant afterwards to share a dessert.

Go pick strawberries, raspberries, or other fruit together. Leave stems attached and dip a few large strawberries into chocolate (you'll need to find dipping chocolate). Or make ice cream crepes together with fresh fruit. Or for a simple treat, enjoy ice cream with fresh fruit topping.

My boyfriend took me to my favorite place on earth, the beach. We went to the top of a high deck that overlooked the ocean, surrounded by trees. It was breathtaking. Months later, he took me to the same spot on a cold winter night with a new moon. He brought a blanket and hot tea. We gazed at stars, their constellations, and planets that he had studied in high school. Those dates didn't cost a dime and were memorable.

Exercise together a couple of times a week (walking, riding, jogging, take an exercise class, etc.). Bring water, but leave the iPod behind. It's hard to talk when you've got something in your ears.

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