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Couples Only
(for Ages Under 16)

Bring a disposable camera and ask people on the street to take your picture in front of landmarks or scenic backdrops. Don't be afraid to be silly. Find a photo booth (usually in a drug store or arcade) and take pictures together. Take two sets so you can keep one and your friend the other. After the pictures are developed, you can follow-up with another date. Plan to make treats together, and look at your pictures while the treats are cooking (or cooling).

Find a cool stream, roll up your pants, and go wading. Take shoes that can get wet, so that your feet don't get hurt. It might be a good idea to pack an extra pair of shoes to change into.

Have dinner in a rowboat in a lake or pond. Make the dinner simple, with finger foods. And as a nice touch, hide a small gift or memento in a waterproof container, attached to a line in the water, which you can retrieve after dinner and present to your partner.

Play pictionary with playdough or finger-paints. Be creative and use your imagination. Take pictures to keep the memories alive.

Go pick strawberries, raspberries, or other fruit together. Leave stems attached and dip a few large strawberries into chocolate (you'll need to find dipping chocolate). Or make ice cream crepes together with fresh fruit. Or for a simple treat, enjoy ice cream with fresh fruit topping.

Take a fruit plate to elderly people in your neighborhood. Explain that you'd like to share some food and fun with them. Share some humorous stories, then offer to play a game (Chinese checkers is a good one). Ask them to share the story of how they met, and their favorite date.

Relive your childhood with an afternoon recalling your fondest memories. Spend the day tree climbing, eating peanut butter sandwiches, and drinking chocolate milk. You'll enjoy the pastimes these activities will recall.

Make a treat together, then take it to a crabby neighbor. Leave a note, wishing them a happy day.

Go to the State or local fair. Get your portrait done by a local artist or cartoonist. Try to win a prize at the arcade. Share a treat from the food court. Bring a blanket to watch a musical performance.

Go to a diner for lunch. Sit on the same side of a restaurant booth. Share a ice-cream sundae or a smoothie or french fries.

Buy 11 fresh roses and one fake one with a note attached, which reads: "I will love you until the last rose petal falls" (which is never, because one of them is fake).

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